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CopySwan is streamlined, subscription-based copywriting service that offers the quality of an award-winning senior writer for the price of your typical agency’s boardroom lunch tab.

We’ll deliver you polished content you’ll be proud to publish in your name.

Our writers have worked on a portfolio of projects ranging from global advertising campaigns for multinational brands to web copy for small startups.

We’re on a mission a banish robotic commodity from the face of the earth.

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Articles that rank, resonate and convert

E-E-A-T and Helpful Content worries stealing your sleep? Reclaim that headspace with CopySwan.

We combine seasoned copywriting expertise with proven SEO strategies to create content that not only ranks high on Google but also resonates deeply with your audience.

Our monthly delivery of authoritative, “copy blogger”-style articles is designed to guide readers towards your desired action, win coveted Google snippets, and secure top positions.

The result? Content that stands the test of time, not just the next algorithm update.

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Your vision, masterfully articulated

Consider our team your personal think tank, here to transform your ideas into captivating copy that truly speaks to your audience. 

Share your vision with us in whatever way feels most natural – whether it’s in bullet points or a 5-minute Loom video, talk to us like you would a friend.

We’ll distill your thoughts, insights, and vision into clear, compelling copy that not only resonates with your audience but also drives tangible results.

Think of us as your secret weapon for thought leadership and personalized blog content that ranks high in search engines and leaves a lasting impact.

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Singing our praises

They took my vision and ran with it. The team’s not only talented, but fun to work with.

Ryan Fyfe | Founder


They’re the first external writers who’ve nailed our brand voice, plus our blog traffic has never been higher.

Evan Bleker | Founder

Net Net Hunter

I recommend CopySwan for businesses focused on content creation. Their style genuinely reflects our voice, and we’ve observed a significant increase in leads since engaging their services.

Ivan Petrovic | Founder

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No complex onboarding processes, no 60-point questionnaires. Just share your current branding docs, feed us your topics and we're off. We'll even deliver right into your CMS.

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Send over your branding docs, hop on a quick call, or send a Loom video. Whatever works best for you!

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We’ll refine the copy until it’s perfectly aligned with your vision, incorporating your feedback for every future delivery.

Hit publish, then sit back and watch the magic happen as clicks, opt-ins, and sales roll in.

Scale without having to hire a full-time content team.

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